The Manifesto

To those who don’t get it, we tell them: wagmi.

They’ll wake up eventually.

The essence of Senshi is to combine Horeekei’s flair for designing exquisite Japanese artwork with an unbreakable community.

Senshi is not for the faint of heart. Senshi is the true warrior of the web3 virtual world.

For those valiant enough to jump into the battlefield, a golden ticket awaits. A ticket that grants access to the most exclusive club in the blossoming new universe that is web3.

Owning Senshi will grant virtual and physical benefits so remarkable, they were previously deemed unfathomable. Senshi is not just a club, group or collective.

Senshi is an army. An army fighting for ownership in a world vacant of it.

Are you ready to unlock your inner Senshi and fight, or will you sit on the side-lines?

Only time will tell and reveal the true warriors amongst us...

Exquisite Japanese artwork combined with an unbreakable community.

Not for the faint of heart. Become the warrior of Web3.


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