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Future & Vision

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Future & Vision

We are the warriors of web3, a diverse community of individuals looking to plant our sword in this growing industry. Senshi is what you make it, what we make it.

Our vision is to adopt and innovate mainstream use cases within NFTs, and to build an empire where all Senshi can thrive. We see beyond the ordinary, and challenge ourselves to make an impact.

Community First

Community equals prosperity. What we do is for you, and that’s where the value lies. Everything we do should be for the better of our community.

Quality First

Senshi believes in quality over quantity. Every product, platform, collection or artwork should be handled with absolute care. This doesn’t happen overnight though, so please trust the process.



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Horeekei, the artist behind Senshi is a brand within himself. Renowned in Japan for his work, he provides originality within the space. Experienced in high fashion, Irezumi and other notable fields, he brings everything to the table. From digital to physical beauty, he brings you Senshi.


Experienced in this field already, Horeekei brings original fashion to the masses. We are bringing this to Senshi too. If we can bring beauty to the virtual world, why not do the same physically? We aim to plant our brand everywhere.

Irezumi is a tattooing art form in Japan, and luckily we teamed up with one of the most notable artists in Tokyo. We are expressing ideas on how we could incorporate this within the brand.

At Senshi we are big on networking. From networking events, themed, private and even partnered events, we would like to involve the Senshi army. A Senshi is your golden ticket.



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Senshi is the foundation of our web3 vision. However, there’s more than meets the eye. Senshi is a branch to a tree of companies, all of which are building an ecosystem to revolutionise web3. Here’s a breakdown of our first few upcoming product ranges.


The current marketplace in development is a tokenised Ethereum/Polygon marketplace. We are planning to interface this with Solana, and WAX for NFT games. Our ambitions to innovate these markets are huge, but we can do it. Through community incentives, revenue sharing strategies and Senshi utility, we believe that we can innovate the market while providing excellent services to Senshi and our users.

A Collaboration Platform

One of our goals is to unite industry creatives and companies through collaboration. Whatever your specialty, we want to give you the opportunity to work with bridging companies. We believe this will accelerate innovation in the space, while providing partnership opportunities for Senshi.

An Education Platform

One of the biggest issues with NFTs is education. Within each of our marketplaces, we are going to integrate an education platform consisting of knowledge bases, exams, courses, security awareness and verified influencer content.


Bridging Partners

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Bridging Partners

One goal beyond Senshi is to adopt mainstream and corporate use cases within the NFT space, through collaboration and bridging companies. 

Whatever your company's specialty, we want to facilitate your experience with entering the industry. We see crypto and NFTs as a puzzle, and partnerships fill the pieces.

Senshi benefits

Cross-partner utility is where true value lies. It could be through digital or physical means, on platforms, at events, or through products. The opportunities are there, and we strive to make them happen. We will actively work with our partners to provide valuable utility within every ecosystem that we involve ourselves in.




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Senshi will eventually be its own Metaverse. We are going to explore the term 'Metaverse' and make it our own, creating our own unique path in this fledgling space.

We see beyond the ordinary, and challenge ourselves to make an impact.

Our own Metaverse - EXPLORING

We have a vision to create our own gamified, open-world Metaverse. The vision will allow for open world collaboration and commercialisation to take Senshi to heights no NFT project has ever been before.

We are MetaSphere. An ecosystem of businesses that encompasses community, utility and innovativeness. Senshi is the ultimate hero. The ultimate warrior.


Exquisite Japanese artwork combined with an unbreakable community.

Not for the faint of heart. Become the warrior of Web3.


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