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To those who don’t get it, we tell them: wagmi. They’ll wake up eventually.

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Will you find Neko?

Neko is hidden in 3 Senshi NFTs. If you are lucky enough to find him on your NFT, it is time to cash in - You’re a winner!

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Senshi Cat Medallion

Prize Pool

First Place Golden Neko $2,500
Second Place Silver Neko $1,500
Third Place Bronze Neko $1,000

Minting a Senshi will enter you into this draw automatically. Join our Discord community for more details!

Our Story

Long before people...

Before the mountains had risen and the Earth had cooled, it was a land of giants, a world inhabited by Gods and monsters. It was a world at war. Deities clad in ancient armour, wielding weapons forged in the fires of the underworld battled for supremacy, and for governance of this planet. The skies burned, and mountains toppled. The Earth was set ablaze as gods would clash. One by one, the giants fell and the destruction began to subside. The remaining few laid down their weapons, and retreated to their corners of the world. An uneasy truce fell across this newly blackened world.

The Earth cooled and forests grew.

Great flocks of birds filled the skies, and huge beasts roamed the land. The god of the east ‘Amaterasu’ dipped her spear into the great blue ocean, conjuring the islands of Japan from its depths. Within the mountains, a great castle formed amid the peaks, and within its halls she forged an army; a legion of 10,000 warriors bound for a single purpose, to protect these lands and its people from the dark forces that lurked in a forgotten realm. She selected one from among their ranks, the ‘Daimyo’, the strongest and bravest to lead, and from the castle he guided his legion.

For a time there was peace...

The country grew prosperous under the legion’s protection, and the people knew only full bellies and clear skies. However, after a time, the warriors became restless. They were not bred for peace, and so fractures appeared among their ranks. That had seen the wealth and prosperity that their safety had provided, and they became greedy, craving riches and land. Factions appeared within the army, as they fought and plotted against one another. Upon seeing the dissent among his warriors, the Daimyo fell into a rage. A great battle broke out and the walls of the castle shook. Amidst the fighting a stray arrow struck the Daimyo, and he fell from the rooftops, his body tumbling to the rocks below.

Ameterasu witnessed his fall.

In her rage, she banished the legion from her lands, scattering them to the corners of time and space. The warriors now live as outlaws, as mercenaries. They roam the metaverse forging new armour and weapons, inhabiting new forms and honing their skills. They seek out the less fortunate, fighting for them, so they may one day regain their honour. They dream of returning to the castle, to their precious lands, and returning to their God as the noble warriors they once were. Returning as heroes. As Senshi...

Senshi Dojo

The Senshi army is a global collective working together to build a decentralised and fair future.

The Dojo is where we can make this happen, together. A collection of 10,000 unique warriors will provide exclusive access available to only the most valliant.

The line between the physical and virtual is slowly becoming less discernible. Senshi will serve as your identity in this new hybrid world.

Exquisite Japanese artwork combined with an unbreakable community.

Not for the faint of heart. Become the warrior of Web3.


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